Crossing the Border


Washington State to Canada and back. I was fortunate enough to experience traveling across the border into to another country all in 24 hours for the first time. Let me just say getting into Canada was a piece of cake compared to trying to come back to the US. I’ll keep that story to myself….

USA IMG_7555Border


Pleasant Surprise

While on my layover flight from Phoenix, AZ to Seattle, WA our pilot decided to fill us in on a little geography. I was just beginning to become restless and on my left hand side outside the window was…. Mount St. Helens! Never seen anything so mystic and massive in nature in my life. Most definitely was something you must see in your lifetime at least once.

Iconic. Scenic. Pleasant Surprise.

 Mount St Helen

The Life.

In the Seattle metro area here in Washington for the weekend. I am staying at a pleasant low-key, laid-back island near Interstate 5 called, Camano Island. The geography is quite scenic. Snow capped mountains, beautiful calm water (Port Susan) bald eagles and tons of Everest trees!

Travelers Note: There are some hidden gem restaurants off the coast here that serve delicious oysters fried, in burgers… you name it! 

The life.

Camano Island

First Time for Everything

Always try something once! Never say never! You only live once!

That is exactly what my blog is about. Throughout my day, even years, I’m always trying and seeing new things. What are things you may ask? I always enjoy sharing these experiences with my peers, whether it be new foods, drinks, recipes, friends, places, stores, cities, clothes, haircuts, hygiene – you name it!


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!